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All about sex.

Last night in bed K and I got into a very in-depth discussion about sex, teenagers, coming of age and how it all works out in the end.

The Girls opinion;

Sex is such a very touchy subject for parents and daughters, and I know I was always taught wait for the right person Carrie, make sure you use some sort of birth control, boys usually only want one thing so don't become one of those girls. Well I never was one of 'those girls' and I made many sexual decisions including loosing my virginity at 16 to someone who I really didn't think was all that important. But as time grew on, and I learned more about sex, all of a sudden waiting for a 'long period' of time before engaging in sex with someone in a relationship wasn't that big of a deal. Now at the age I am which is mid twenties, sex is more of a need than a curiosity. Relationships tend to start with one or two dates and if there is enough interest and a want to further the relationship then sex just seems to follow, because it turns into a basic need not a want. Maslow's hierarchy-food shelter water-sex. I suppose most people do not see eye to eye with my opinion but it is just that an opinion that seems to run rampant with my girlfriend’s brains. So from teenager to mid twenty something, the idea of sex changes, you become more comfortable with yourself, you don’t mind being naked, you will play with your body and have sex sooner, because you want it. In no way an I saying have sex because you are suppose to, but exploring and learning never hurt anyone. Wait for the right time, and use protection.

His opinion;

Growing through my teenage years minus a father made sex a topic that was really never talked about with my mother, although her thoughts on the subject were quite clear. I think for younger guys sex is a goal. Running the bases is important. The “relationship” is somewhat less important than what he gets out of it. Girls are always setting the limits and boys are pushing those limits, sometimes too far. As a guy gains more experience, he also becomes smarter and more confident, better able to get what he wants. Soon the relationship becomes almost as important as the sex. In the mid to late twenties the relationship is equally as important. Finding someone with similar tastes, interests, and intellect becomes the goal, and of course sex.

Your opinion?
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